As my pastor would say, accounting is my vocation, but writing is my avocation. I love pondering deep matters in the areas of my Christian religion, history, biology, and mythology and jotting these thoughts down. I also write novels, which always have some sort of tie-in to history and religion, be it Celtic fantasy, a vampire novel with a theological theme, or, what I’m working on currently, a pre-World War I spy novel.

A word about my almost exclusive usage of the King James Version for Biblical quotations. I do not mean to convey the impression that I believe the KJV is the only authoritative translation of the Bible like some groups do, though you might find my explanation just as weird. The thing is, the other popular translations of the Bible are all still under copyright, and as a writer I respect that. My favorite translation is actually the New King James Version, though the English Standard Version is up there too.

I call this blog Deliberations at Mimir’s Well because I gather insights I’ve picked up from various astute authors and add my own twists on them. In Norse mythology, Mimir’s Well was where Odin sacrificed an eye to get a drink to attain wisdom and where the Aesir often held councils to deliberate on difficult questions. If you would like to deliberate the issues here with (constructive) comments of your own, please do. I hope you enjoy my posts and find them helpful.